What We Believe

We believe God loves every person without conditions or limitations. We believe each person is of infinite worth and value.

 We believe God's love is expressed through forgiveness and reconciliation and peace.

We believe God gives us an infinite number of second chances, and that each second chance is an expression of transforming love.

We believe the earth and all its creatures, particles, and landscapes, are considered holy and good by God. (Though we confess we are still struggling with including cockroaches and poisonous snakes.)

We believe God loves questions and doubts. There is no question too tough or too embarrassing for God. We believe doubt can be the beginning of a deeper faith, and that our church must be a place celebrating the questions and the doubts.

We believe everyone is welcome in church. The Communion table is open to all who wish to receive the gift of God's grace, and eat a meal in celebration of Jesus' life. We believe church attendance and membership is based on the participant's willingness to follow Christ. (See our Official Policy below.)

We believe Jesus Christ made God's love visible, and that in Christ we see God most clearly revealed. His life, death, and resurrection show us how to love each other, and how God seeks to heal all the brokenness in the world.

We believe that one day all wrongs will be made right, all disease and sickness will be healed, evil in every form vanquished, and even death itself will be transformed.

We believe whenever we work for justice, peace, truth, and reconciliation, we are doing God's work in the world. We believe faith is diminished unless shared in the fellowship of the believers, and in service to the world.

We believe everyone is gifted by God. Jesus calls each person to a ministry that is uniquely suited to each person's natural gifts and talents. Each of us has been gifted with a ministry, mission or a purpose by God to help build up the church, and transform the world.

We believe we do not have to agree with each other in order to work together.

We believe Jesus invites us to become followers. Our faith journey will be an adventure beyond our wildest dreams.



Faith is the bird that
feels the light and
sings while the dawn
is still dark.