Thoughts by Pastor Brent

The Winds of Change Blow Slowly

In July of last year, a large group of Mesa Verde folk gathered to process the input we received from Dr. Kennon Callahan earlier in the year. We engaged in a process of “yes voting,” by which we prioritized the good ideas and excellent suggestions that came out of the brainstorming that day. The list was published in the Mesa Message and has been distributed at Leadership Team several times. So, what has happened with those good ideas and excellent suggestions in the year since?

The number-one suggestion was for improved signage for the church, fellowship, hall and driveway. During the past year a task force was created, at the request of the Trustees, to explore possibilities for improving our signage. The building and grounds task force has met with several sign companies and has received proposals from two of them for extensive improvements in our church signs. A recommendation was made to the Trustees by the task force. The trustees, however, have asked the task force to do a bit more work on fine-tuning the scope of the work. Meanwhile, Trustees and the Finance Committee are exploring ways to pay for the improved signs.

The second suggestion that received the next highest number of votes was to improve the front lawn area of the church to make it better represent the church’s “front porch.” Unfortunately, because of the drought and the fact that the sprinkler system in that area needs a major overhaul, implementing this idea is on hold for now.

The third suggestion was to create a hospitality team. We have implemented Sunday morning greeters who will welcome you in the narthex each Sunday. If you would like to take a turn being a greeter, please let Mary Berg know. The membership committee will continue to look at ways to increase our hospitality, but first-time worshippers teach me that this congregation is already very welcoming.

The fourth suggestion was to hold a “month of Sundays” with a special event each Sunday for a month. While we haven’t yet done that, we have been able to increase the number of special, one-time events and major community Sundays. Our visit from "President Washington" in July and the upcoming Mozart Requiem concert are two examples of those kinds of events. Because they are truly one-time events, each requires a bit of planning and execution. If you have an idea for any kind of special event, I would love to hear from you. At some future point we may figure out doing four events in one month.

Perhaps our tendency is to think that many things would change after our consultation weekend with Dr. Callahan, but the reality is that the winds of change often blow slowly within the church. In our own denomination that fact is demonstrated by both history (women have been pastors in the UMC for a mere 50 years) and current events (the Western Jurisdiction just elected our denomination’s first openly gay bishop). Change generally takes time. But having said that, I also believe that God is among us and leading us forward to grow into the faithful discipleship community that Jesus Christ has called us to be. Change is also inevitable and change can be good.

I look forward to working with our church leadership and the appropriate church committees as we continue to implement more of the excellent ideas and good suggestions that we came up with last year.

Grace and peace to you!



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