Stephen Ministry

stephenminvideo.jpgStephen Ministry is grounded in Jesus' command to love one another. Through one-to-one caring and confidential relationships, those who are hurting receive the love and care they need in time of trial or loss.

What is Stephen Ministry?
A program that provides distinctly Christian one-to-one care on a confidential basis to those who are experiencing all kinds of life changes, needs, and circumstances. It involves non-judgmental listening to those who desire a Christian friend to walk with them during a difficult or transitional time in life such as loss of a loved one, separation and divorce, failing health, terminal illness, being shut-in, hospitalization, loss of a job, challenges of retirement, changes in living conditions, to name a few.

Why Stephen Ministry?
Because we all need to express our feelings and concerns during troubling times to someone who will be non-judgmental and confidential. We need to be heard and understood, not told what to do. And we need someone who we can trust to be there week in and week out as we go through life's challenges.

Who is a Stephen Minister?
A lay person who has the gifts and talents to be caring, non-judgmental, and confidential. Additionally this person has taken the 50 hours of Stephen Ministry training and continues with supervision and continuing education in twice monthly meetings.

When is Stephen Ministry needed?
Whenever a person is feeling a bit overwhelmed with changes and challenges, a Stephen Minister is ready and willing to help. There is no need to wait for a caring Christian friend to walk with you as there are 22 active Stephen Ministers in our congregation who want to help.



Need a
Stephen Minister?

You may ask for a Stephen Minister for yourself or a non-congregation member any time. If you are asking for someone else, the person receiving care needs to agree to having a Stephen Minister.

So, if you are concerned for a friend, neighbor, or a loved one, you need to talk with them about it first. Then contact the church office or Carlene Reuscher and the Stephen Leaders will facilitate the process.